How I Made Two Thousand Dollars Sitting On My Butt Doing Sweet Fck All, And how you can too.

I like to think I’m average. I’m definitely one of those 30 year olds who wishes they never played with credit cards or personal loans for a bunch of dumb stuff I definitely did not need and do not remember. But thats okay!

I have never been in great debt and my bank balance is *cute*. There’s nothing wrong with that but, like, houses in my city aren’t cheap and I really like getting botox and buying shoes and food and taking weekends to places that serve avocado on toast and then probably laugh at me because I’m a sucker for buying it and enjoying every god dang house deposit bite.

Seriously, I spend too much time drinking wine on boats.

But, I have done something sweet to my future self. And its earned me a cheeky 2k since I made a clever decision to treat my saggy breasted and creaky kneed future self a whole lot kinder. And its a bloody boring thrill!

I’m going to try and get through this stuff really quickly and try to make it super not boring!

A further example of my reckless spending as a grown up lady before I get to the point in this article

If you don’t have a superannuation or retirement fund — OMG open one! Think of your beautiful grey haired, saggy skinned self and do it.

Many or most employers (depending on your location) will match your contributions , ahh whaat free money!? Indeed yes, free money.

And then, your money in that account earns interest.

— here’s what nobody tells us…


Eleven months ago I was in a 3% interest fund and because I’m still young, working and healthy I researched a new fund with an average yearly interest of 12% however for some reason my fund is currently earning 23.5% interest…I’m on a roll baby. My little old lady self is feeling fresh.

So no matter how stupid I am with injections in my face or avocado in my basic b*tch mouth hole. Little old lady me will always have a cosy little nest egg. And I’ve been that thrilled about it I’m going to start investing in other areas too, because my old lady self deserves the best! And yours does too.

*please note I am not a financial adviser and I’m just a regular girl living life and trying to look after myself. Please do your research and speak to a professional where possible.



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